Compressed Disposable Bath Towel

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Packs: Pack Of 3 Compressed Disposable Bath Towel
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Compressed Disposable Bath Towel

Compressed Disposable Bath Towel

Rs.1,300 Rs.1,190

Compressed Disposable Bath Towel

Rs.1,300 Rs.1,190
Packs: Pack Of 3 Compressed Disposable Bath Towel

"Convenient, hygienic towels: compressed for easy, one-time use."

Space-saving design:

These towels are compressed into a smaller size, making them ideal for storage in tight spaces such as backpacks, travel bags, or emergency kits.

Hygiene assurance:

Each towel is individually wrapped, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene, especially in travel or emergency situations where access to clean water may be limited.


The disposable nature of these towels eliminates the need for laundering, making them convenient for use during outdoor activities, travel, camping, or in situations where washing facilities are unavailable.

Quick rehydration:

When exposed to water, the compressed towel rapidly expands to its full size, providing instant usability without the need for additional equipment or preparation.
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These towels can be used for various purposes beyond bathing, such as cleaning spills, wiping surfaces, or as a makeshift bandage in emergencies.

Eco-friendly options:

Some variants of compressed disposable towels are made from biodegradable materials, offering an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional disposable products.


While initially seeming more expensive than traditional towels, the savings in water, detergent, and time spent laundering can make them a cost-effective choice in the long run, especially for frequent travelers or outdoor enthusiasts.


Compact Size: Compressed into a small, space-saving form factor for easy storage and transport.
Individually Wrapped: Each towel is hygienically sealed in its own packaging, ensuring cleanliness and convenience.
Rapid Expansion: Quickly expands to its full size when exposed to water, ready for immediate use.
Absorbent Material: Made from highly absorbent materials to effectively soak up moisture and provide efficient drying.
Single-Use Design: Intended for one-time use, eliminating the need for laundering and providing hassle-free disposal.


Material: Made from highly absorbent and quick-drying materials such as non-woven fabric or cellulose.
Size Options: Available in various sizes, including face towel (approximately 12x12 inches), hand towel (approximately 16x16 inches), and bath towel (approximately 24x48 inches).
Compression Ratio: Compressed to a fraction of its original size for space-saving storage and transport, with a compression ratio typically ranging from 1:3 to 1:6.
Packaging: Individually wrapped in waterproof packaging to maintain hygiene and facilitate convenient storage and distribution.
Biodegradability: Optional biodegradable materials available for eco-conscious consumers, ensuring minimal environmental impact after disposal.

Package Include:

1x Compressed Disposable Bath Towel

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