Children Graffiti Coloring Paper

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Size: Single (1.5 Meter)
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Children Graffiti Coloring Paper

Children Graffiti Coloring Paper

Rs.2,299 Rs.890

Children Graffiti Coloring Paper

Rs.2,299 Rs.890
Size: Single (1.5 Meter)

“Unlock Your Imagination, One Stroke at a Time!”

Age-Appropriate Designs:

Ensure that the graffiti designs are suitable for the target age group. Younger children might enjoy simpler shapes and characters, while older kids may prefer more intricate designs.

Variety of Themes:

Include a diverse range of themes such as animals, nature, outer space, vehicles, fantasy creatures, etc. This allows children to explore different interests and preferences.

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Interactive Elements:

Integrate interactive elements like hidden objects, mazes, or puzzles within the graffiti designs to enhance engagement and cognitive development.

Educational Content:

Incorporate educational elements such as letters, numbers, shapes, and basic words into the designs to promote learning while coloring.

Large Canvas:

Provide ample space for coloring to encourage creativity and imagination. Large designs with plenty of white space allow children to experiment with different colors and techniques.

Tear-Out Pages:

Design the coloring paper as a tear-out pad for easy removal of finished artworks, making it convenient for display or gifting.

Non-toxic Materials:

Ensure that the coloring paper and any accompanying coloring tools are made from non-toxic materials, guaranteeing the safety of children during use.

Customization Options:

Provide blank sections within the designs where children can add their own graffiti or doodles, fostering a sense of ownership and personalization.

Package Include:

1x Children Graffiti Coloring Paper


Large Format: Provide ample space for coloring to allow for creativity without feeling restricted by space.

Thick Paper: Use thick, durable paper to prevent colors from bleeding through and to withstand heavy coloring and erasing.

Perforated Pages: Include perforated edges for easy tearing, enabling children to remove their artwork cleanly and without damaging the rest of the pad.

Variety of Designs: Offer a diverse range of graffiti-style designs, including characters, animals, vehicles, nature scenes, and abstract patterns to cater to different interests and preferences.

Interactive Elements: Incorporate interactive elements such as hidden objects, puzzles, or connect-the-dots to add an extra layer of engagement and fun.

Educational Content: Integrate educational elements such as letters, numbers, shapes, and basic vocabulary into the designs to facilitate learning while coloring.


Paper Size: Offer standard sizes such as 8.5 x 11 inches (letter size) or 9 x 12 inches (sketch pad size) to accommodate various preferences and needs.

Paper Type: Utilize high-quality, acid-free paper with a weight of at least 80 GSM (grams per square meter) to ensure durability and resistance to tearing and bleeding.

Designs: Include a diverse range of graffiti-inspired designs suitable for children aged 3-12 years old, covering themes such as animals, vehicles, fantasy creatures, nature scenes, and abstract patterns.

Pages: Provide a minimum of 50 tear-out pages per pad to offer plenty of coloring options and creative opportunities.

Perforation: Incorporate perforated edges on each page for clean and easy tearing, ensuring that finished artwork can be removed without damaging the rest of the pad.

Interactive Elements: Include interactive elements such as hidden objects, mazes, puzzles, and connect-the-dots within the designs to enhance engagement and cognitive development.

Package Include:

1x Children Graffiti Coloring Paper

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